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US DOT Containers

For hazardous liquid and gas transportation

Since 1936, Columbiana Boiler Company has been manufacturing specialized containers or drums to transport liquid and gas commodities in various hazard classes. Our single goal is to ensure that our customers do not have a release of any commodity.

Hazard classes that CBC tanks can transport include:

CBC manufactures both the 106 and 110 styles of approved multi-unit tank car tanks for the transportation of gases and liquids under the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), as listed in 49 CFR 172.101.

106A Series

For chlorine, refrigerant gas and liquid transportation

The US DOT 106A multi-unit tank car tanks, commonly referred to as Ton Tanks or Ton Containers, and internationally recognized as a horizontal drum or pressure vessel, are commonly used for the transportation of hazardous gases and liquids. These include:

Columbiana Boiler Company 106A horizontal tank series has the exclusive safety-engineered feature of inverted-heads. If a tank is accidentally over-pressured, the heads will reverse (become convex) or push out, providing an immediate visual indication of over pressurization. The reversed heads also provide additional capacity to reduce the pressure and provide valuable time for safety or corrective action.

The 106A designs are approved for transportation of CL2 at 2000 lbs and 2204 lbs at a 125% filling density.

The 106A500X is the only container under the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) approved for transportation for Chlorine. Featuring a new CBC design, the 106A500W is manufactured under Special Permit issued by the US DOT due to the "W" style complying with ASME Code requirements. The 106A tank series is approved for the IMDG Code for international acceptance (CA 1996070013).

106A500X 106A500W
Welding Technique Forge welding Fusion welding
Material ASTM A-285 carbon steel ASTM A-516 carbon steel
Minimum Water Capacity 1,600 lbs. (729 kg) or 193 uswg (730 liters)
Tare Weight 1,400 lbs. (635 kg) 1,332 lbs. (605 kg)
Test Pressure 500 psig (34.5 bar)
Service Temperature -20°F to 140°F (-28.9°C to 60°C) -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)

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110A Series

For transportation of chlorine, refrigerant gases and other aggressive gases and liquids

US DOT 110A multi-unit tank car tanks, internationally known as horizontal drums or pressure vessels, are commonly used for the transportation of:

CBC models 110A500W, 110A800W and 110A1000W are approved containers under the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the 110A2000W is authorized by the US DOT under a Special Permit. The 110A tank series is approved for the IMDG Code for international acceptance (CA 1996070013) as a horizontal drum or pressure vessel.

Test Pressures: 500 psig (34.5 bar), 800 psig (55 bar), 1,000 psig (69 bar) or 2,000 psig (138 bar)

Available Materials: ASTM 516, Grade 70 carbon, A240 Grade 304L or 316L stainless steel

Water Capacity: 193 uswg (730 liter)

Service Temperature Range: -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)

Tare Weight Range: 1,200 lbs. (544 kg) to 2,815 lbs. (1,277 kg)

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Container Accessories and Safety Products

Training ends, transport skids, recovery vessels and other spare parts

Columbiana Boiler Company offers a full assortment of safety items, spare parts and accessories to support your continued use of our 106A and 110A DOT tanks (contenedores de cloro). The list below is a summary of what we have to offer, please contact us if you do not see a product to meet your specific needs.

Emergency Kit A (For cylinders rated from 100 lbs. to 150 lbs.) – To stop most leaks which may occur in and around the valves, fusible plugs and small leaks in the shell wall.

Emergency Kit B (For US DOT 106A tanks) – To stop most leaks which may occur in and around the valves, fusible plugs and small leaks in the shell wall.

106A Training End — Fire departments and other hazardous materials teams can now get hands-on emergency procedures practice using the Chlorine Institute’s Emergency Kit B on this Training End. The CBC Training End is an actual full size end of a Standard DOT 106A500X chlorine ton container, mounted on a support base. This allows hazardous materials crews to easily practice applying the component parts of the Emergency Kit B.

Recovery Vessel – Columbiana Boiler Company offers a completely pressure-tight way to stop leaks that may occur on 150 lbs. and smaller cylinders. This unit has a unique design that allows the hazardous materials team to completely seal a leaking cylinder and then remove it from the accident site for decontamination and recovery at a safe location.

Transport Skids – CBC has designed a unique solution for lifting, transporting and storing the 106A and 110A US DOT style tanks. Our saddle and strap design allows you to place the tank into a cradle with an over the top strap and locking mechanism that has forklift pockets mounted underneath for easy of transportation.

CBC Spare Parts – We offer spare parts including bonnets, valves, fuse plugs, lugs, locking screws, wrenches.

CBC Accessories — We sell a full line of accessories including: taps, flexible connectors, loading hoses, yokes and yoke adapters, lifting beams, roller trunions and scales.

Contact our sales office for more information.

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DOT containers and speciality cylinders video shows how we build integrity into our products.

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