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Galvanizing Kettles

Hot dip and continuous strip galvanizing kettles

Columbiana Boiler Company has been manufacturing kettles for the Hot Dip Galvanizing, Continuous Strip Galvanizing and Annealing industries for over 100 years and is recognized worldwide for being a market leader for quality, reliability and service. Along with kettles we also fabricate custom equipment for the galvanizing industry. Columbiana Boiler Company ships kettles to all reaches of the globe and has been the leader in kettle manufacturing for Central America, North America and South America, and our customer base continues to expand.

Quality control at CBC begins by specifying the ideal steel composition to our steel producer. Quality control continues with ongoing research on the resistance of our kettle steel to the various available zinc alloys, furnaces and burner types on the market.

Furthermore, our fabrication process is completely standardized, and products undergo continuous scrutiny as they are built, including Ultrasonic Testing of all structural welds.

After fabrication, all kettles (with the exception of stainless steel kettles) undergo a complete stress-relieving process before they are shipped. This ensures our customers the advantages of faster heat-up and eliminates the burden and responsibility of having to properly stress-relieve the kettles themselves during installation and start-up.

A final inspection is performed and documented prior to shipment. Each customer receives a data package of all related documents with their product.

Typical kettle size ranges are:
Lengths: 12 inches to 82 feet (304 mm to 25.1 m)
Depths: 6 inches to 13 feet (152 mm to 4.0 m)
Widths: 6 inches to 10 feet (152 mm to 3.1 m)

Material Thickness Ranges:
Carbon Steel: 1 inch to 2.5 inches (25.4 mm to 63.5 mm)
Stainless Steel: 1 inch to 2.25 inches (25.4 mm to 57 mm)
Stainless Clad: up to 2.1 inches (52.3 mm)

While these are typical dimensions, CBC can fabricate larger and thicker kettles if required.

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Hot Dip Galvanizing Kettles

Kettles for zinc galvanizing

All Columbiana Boiler Company hot dip galvanizing kettles are fabricated from our steel plate specially formulated for galvanizing kettle construction, along with state-of-the-art welding techniques that are nearly identical to our special steel plate chemistry. We can provide either flat bottom or round bottom kettles, both of which are commonly used in the hot dip galvanizing market today, and offer identical service life regardless of length, width or depth.

In addition, we can support any customer-specific requirements such as kettle size, thickness, shape, lifting lugs, additional flanges or stainless steel heat shields.

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Continuous Galvanizing Kettles

Kettles for continuous strip galvanizing

Columbiana Boiler Company continuous galvanizing kettles are fabricated the same way as our hot dip kettles. They can be fabricated from our special carbon steel in thicknesses up to 2.5 inches, or stainless steel in thicknesses up to 2.25 inches, and are available with optional spouts or extensions based on customer needs.

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Wire Coating and Annealing Pans

Kettles for high throughput galvanizing operations

Wire coating and annealing pans from Columbiana Boiler Company are fabricated with continuous wire operations in mind. Whether the bath is zinc or lead, most of our pans are made of one-piece main-body construction with ends welded in to minimize weld joints. Our pans are available in carbon steel or stainless steel.

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Galvanizing Kettles Accessories and Parts

Zinc bath accessories

In addition to offering galvanizing kettles, Columbiana Boiler Company also fabricates custom-made accessories such as kettle covers, universal racks, spinner baskets, kettle insulation packages and related equipment.

Available Custom Maintenance Equipment

Everything can be made to your specifications:

  • Spinners
  • Cover plates
  • Sinkers
  • Augers
  • Thermocouple wells
  • Galvanizing kettle steel modified plates cut to size
  • Other related fabrications

Contact our sales office for more information.

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Galvanizing kettles video highlights our unique capabilities in kettle design and manufacturing.

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